Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just a small offering of 1-2 ft and nobody other than the odd porpoise. What a beautiful night.


Passed this at Porthtowan en route to work today. It looked so perfect but couldn't sample it till dusk.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Going Pro

Well its with some concern that I post my latest session up today. After a truly beautiful summers day and a super fun swell, I still can't relax with the thought that we scored some great conditions over the last 7 days. Instead as I pieced my latest offering together, I realised why I had first got into surf/windsurf photography, and that using a GoPro was for the same reason all those years later. It was so that you could push yourself more and more, and continue to improve as you witnessed your mistakes. But when I sift through what I sailed like yesterday, it felt so safe and boring (albeit back loops and shove-its were on the wrong side of the boom to capture). I tried some new moves, but the real ones like the forward loop didn't really come into my consciousness. Years of repressed thoughts - I am gonna do it this summer...etc etc. So without any further mutterings, the bar has been set and I look forward to breaking some stuff very shortly. Will post up my many mishaps.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

D-Lo and his bro making the most of it into the last hours of daylight.
Nice work guys and great shots from Luke Parkhouse - thank you.

Gothic Dolphins forenever

Following some new blogs and Gothic Dolphins is definitely worth the trip.
Forget Alaias and move over to the mat - Greenough forever !

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Haven't posted any music for a while and got some amazing new music in Brighton, but that will have to wait. In the meantime, the Times ran an article today which I found most amusing and thought it might be wise to share. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Thanks AB for the photo of Luke out charging right after an epic windsurf session. Hardly seems possible considering the onshore conditions. Nice job !

Dan Crockett

Dan Crockett is without doubt one creative fellow, and to anyone who hasn't bought the kook, then they really need to. But its with total awe that I checked his latest post - please visit http://thisrichtapestry.blogspot.com/ right now to see the latest offering of Mickey Smith - this is too good not to share.


Stupidly forgot to charge my GoPro and caught only the first couple minutes of yesterdays perfect conditions. Still had to share the blue skies though, and experimented with a different mount on the boom. Its the MTB seatpost one, and it was perfect as I forgot that it was there. I wish it could have just caught a few more minutes as the jumping was so much fun.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Luke kinldy scored some shots for me, whilst I enjoyed a lengthy session. Was planning on going out again in a little bit, as the wind just doesn't seem to want to back down. Water is so nice and warm, and the wind is just howling.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Late Arrival

After 15 hours of driving over the weekend to see my sister and her family in Brighton, returning back to North Devon to wind and sun was a real salve. I think I'd almost forgotten that I still love the wind, and on the final hundred or so miles, I really started to get a pangs for the coast. Finally reaching the beach at 5pm, everyone was packing up and I got the usual comments of 'you should have been here earlier'. But not so ! Just by chance, I got the tip off about a favourite wave spot, showing a little promise, and by the time I had rigged it was looking perfect. Colin kindly carried over the new RRD 75 Wave Cult, which was an absolute cracker of a board. Very quick and sat really nice in the water, I can see why it won all the tests. We scored a quick hour, and by the time I was packing up, the others were arriving to score some of there own down the line fun.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Sometimes I struggle when people ask me what I actually do for a job. I have a number of irons in various fires, but one that has been giving me a great deal of pleasure lately is best described here in this month's Drift magazine.


I hate the overuse of the term 'legend'. You always hear people slipping it into conversation as if to somehow thank you for some trivial deed you did. So it gives me great pleasure to lay down the truth about one such guy, who truly warrants the term. Its my wife's uncle Barry, who is always there to help, and has spent a lifetime doing so. After his most recent visit, he looked on in dismay at my meager man-shed and lack of tool bench, and lead a charge of serious productivity. Within 2 days we had built a new work bench from railway sleepers, rebuilt various parts of the ever crumbling and wind strained out buildings, made a serious dent in the garden and a myriad of other tasks. This guy stands tall, despite his 5'6 frame, and my son is able to give him the upgraded title of Great Uncle Barry. Thank you.

Summer Autumn

I am sure I can recollect that August used to be the hottest month of summer, and the fields all burnt up from the summer heat. Not continual rain, onshore wind, no swell, and definitely not shorts weather. So it was a real surprise to be out enjoying the sun on Sunday, knowing that the window for fine weather was closing in rapidly. So, I am focusing on work right now, and selling all my spare gear (namely 6'2 Twin keel Fish, and my 9'2 Longboard), if anyone is interested. With such a shortage of water time, it really hits home how one can have too many toys.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

What not to do

Caught up with a good friend today, in the Life guard Hut. As we chatted about all things female, I inadvertently leaned against the broadcast button on the emergency channel and managed to share our 5 minute conversation with the entire North Devon and South Wales coast line. Apologies for this tiny mishap : )

Monday, 9 August 2010

Less is more

Sea Movies- Stranger than Friction from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

This is dedicated to a very grumpy shaper I know from Porth Towan. He always gripes that after 40 years of shaping, it doesn't matter what board you use or the shape it has. He charges in all conditions as he enters his 6th decade, and only has one board, despite his past shapes being coveted by many collectors. This film is for you !

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Still blowing

Not quite so windy, but the water is so warm, and really nice to bask in the blue skies. It almost felt like there was still a little bit of summer left.

Learning Curve

A first attempt that has taught me a ton of things about filming, most notably to set the camera the right way up. But hopefully worth sharing nonetheless.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Finally a little bit of wind, and it really notched up in the afternoon. Rest assured I scored some footage with the GoPro, but you will have to wait a little as I wrestle with the editing. Thanks Luke for catching me mid 180 on the jump, with a slim to zero chance of landing.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Duck Dive

Rubbish surf, grey skies, and not much reason to get wet....other than a new toy.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Inspired by friends, colleagues and the blogosphere I have succumbed to yet another purchase. This time whilst pursuing a fin for a friend at Zuma Jays and rifling through their endless collection of future fins, I chanced upon a long awaited GoPro Hd. The price was right(in fact amazing - thank you Nigel), and as soon as I got home I managed to get this garbled image from one of its many settings. This looks like it could be a perfect toy for the line up as the sun sets. Will be heading out shortly, and hopefully this will restore my motivation to blog again.