Wednesday, 30 September 2009

So long RNLI

Thanks to all the guys at RNLI for their support and watchful eye over the summer. Its the last day of beach patrols here, and it really feels like the end of season. Whilst a touch sad for another summer passing, it's also a clear sign that some serious conditions are not far way. Winds are already forecast for the weekend, and in the next few days the lifeguard hut will be craned away to safety, away from the angry winter shores.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


After a couple of rather strange days, I feel blessed to be alive and lucky enough to be able to be with and enjoy my family. Blessed are you, if you can appreciate, understand and savour the here and now.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Eco question

If industry could make a surf board from entirely sustainable (non toxic) materials, then why does it continue with its current practice. The most apparent answer is profit, and as such the consumer holds the key to change. So, would you still be keen to buy a hemp/bamboo board and pay slightly more for the product, which may also not be quite as shiny white. I am still researching whether the 'Eco' board still has the yellowed look of a 'over sunned' PU board (the faded yellow), but even so would this put you off? Please Please Please post your thoughts and comments on this, as I was fortunate enough to see such a project that could potentially reach out to create an ethical collective for board shapers and suppliers.
Your thoughts please ?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Two to Three

Blue skies this morning and great to paddle out with Team Xcel and Andy B. It was also nice to get the short board firing again, and as you can see from the photo, the size for some people, was helmet worthy.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


More glass for Gareth.

Gareth just left a comment and it made me realise how nice and glassy last week was. Seem to have fallen into the new kit curse, with no real wind on the horizon. Andy looks on in disbelief, as if to ask why are we sat on longboards ?

Surf report

To those of you stuck far inland, and in need of an update to your phone. Look no further. This little beauty was discovered on Magic Seaweed this morning, and most importantly its free.
Click here to find out more.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunday night with fish and chips on the ridge; I think this is my favourite 'dinner out'. Somehow battered fish and oily chips seem to taste that little bit better watching the sunset on a windy beach.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

North East

After a couple stressful days of work in Exeter, and the creeping pressure of a potential house move, today was a much warranted release. I opted to take some pictures instead of catching the last moments of wind, but I had a fun little surf with Andy and Dan, and it was good to see Nick (from Bristol) getting some too.
Enjoy the shots, of my favourite wind direction at the Ho!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I couldn't help but snap these photos with my phone over the last few days of late evening/early morning runs. Either as the sun sets or with sunrise, I find the beauty of your surroundings can really impact your motivation to run.

Monday, 14 September 2009

September is by far my favourite month of the year. The beach is empty, the sun still shining and wind and swell are never far away. I love the fact that people who build stone stacks like this come and bring such pleasure to our beaches.
Thank you.

Friday, 11 September 2009

2010 RRD

The new kit has arrived and a seriously big thank you to Seasprite for hooking me up for 2010. Opening the boards was pretty exciting and Andy B. and I gently opened the boxes to see what the Italians had in store for the new season. On quick glance, the Wave Cult 80 now has flat pads, with shock absorbers introduced into the deck. This seems to be how a lot of boards have gone, and I am pretty excited to see if the 'best UK conditions board' has actually changed. I hope not ! I also got the new Freestyle wave 111 as a light wind option for getting out in even lighter air, but big waves. I have opted to surf on such days during the year, but am hoping for a return to form, and being powered up with a 5m sail when its barely blowing a Force 4.


with my next generation. By accident we took these Holga-esque photos, using a camera phone with a dirty lens.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Blue Skies

and a nice little wave. Many thanks to Team Lobato, for scoring the photo of my 'Bruce Llee' stance (crouching makes the wave seem so much bigger), and for finding my lost key on the beach. In what can only be described as a fit of anxiety, I literally raced into the water and inadvertently dropped my key amongst several million pebbles. Dan found it, and I owe him many many beers. Also big thankyou to Edge for great prices (to readers of the blog) on the new Xcel wetsuits. The guys have ordered a brace of 4/5mm suits for the onslaught of Autumn & Winter.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Fickle Swell

Suckered into an early morning paddle on the promise of a clean swell and blue skies. Sadly it was neither particularly big, or clean but it was nice to see the sun. Long may this continue.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Other peoples waves

Went further down the coast to steal some waves. However it wasn't until we returned home, and the light started to fade that I finally paddled out. Great session into the darkness.

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Sauntonian

Mark the machine was certainly laying down the law the other evening. I am still in amazement at the size of his loops at what appeared to be an incredibly sketchy spot. However as Carl was on camera duty, strangely the majority of shots seem to be of his brother : )
Here are a few rare shots of Mark.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday morning

Got out early for a 'clear my head' kind of run, and noticed all the weekender vans heading to the beach. Swell looked small but it was super clean and just a few other faces to share the mellow banks with. By the time I got home, swapped my trainers for a wetsuit, I was back at the beach and paddling out in under twenty minutes.
Totally out of breath.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

It was great to catch up with everyone last night and sneak in a post-sail beer. In these dark times where kiters seem to rule the land, it's nice to feel that a brotherhood still exists. Throughout the week various guys have been getting out, and even more importantly inspiring others. As we watched at the point last night, yet more windsurfers seemed to be coming out of the wood work, enjoying all the moves being thrown. So as we enter the windy season, I can honestly say I am psyched to sail with all of you guys, whatever the conditions. Hence my photo of the week has to be Matt G making the most of yesterday's onshore, proving it doesn't have to be down the line to have fun !

Friday, 4 September 2009

The fear

The spot was working again tonight and I ventured out for the first time; poorly rigged, tired from my earlier sail and my first beer of the night already inside me. None of the things you might expect when needing to be on form, however all very handy excuses. Dan, Jem, Mark and Colin all seemed practically at home and it was a pleasure to watch. Lots and lots of photos to sift through, and will try and post some up a little later.

West by North West

Have resorted to naming my posts by the wind direction. Its become a bit monotonous of late, but the windsurfing this morning was great. Andy and I were the only ones out, as the rest of the crew chose to wait for the tidal push. It was a chilled session in the mixed up swell, and no cameras. Looks like the wind is holding and will be heading out again after dinner, enjoy the shot of Matt G in the mush.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Save a thought

Its not everyday I get to read something so utterly compelling, that makes me think how special each and everyone is. I found this final post on Boards online magazine..and I have little reason to doubt its authenticity
or read below

" I have been a user of this forum now since around 2004-5 sometimes more regular than others. Have always found it an interesting and amusing read though.
For those who know me i have worked in the windsurf industry for way too long, coming on 18 years , but sport has always been such a draw to me, it has been my main focus most of that time.
Anyway, after a couple of years battle with cancer in 2006-7 i have spent the last two years in remission working for Jon Popkiss at Solent then the winter in South Africa before running the new Harry Nass centre in Dahab.
That was up until late June when i got sick again. They found a massive tumor around my liver, growing rapidly. Anyway, after a stint in hospital i am now home where they give me a month or so to survive ,tops.

So why the morbid message, well i just want to share my thoughts about this wonderful sport we all do. It has been the focus of my life since i can remember. If the wind was blowing i would be always checking the trees for hopeful signs. When you do turn up to the beach you are surrounded by friends all enjoying the same thing, and it is totally acceptable to have a half hour chat with someone you have never met before, about sails, fins wind waves etc etc.Anyway, the sport rocks and i dont know a comparison . In latter years i have learnt to kitesurf as well but the egos in that sport are through the roof compared to ours.
So, am signing off now for the last time .
Hope the wind blows favourably for you all in the future.

Simon "

I am still struggling with what I could possibly write to be worthy of his time. Suffice to say his words have moved me quite significantly and I am still reflecting on what he must be going through.

Five Six from the West

Wind just doesn't seem to be backing off, and scored another solid day of windsurfing. Dan pushing a shove-it or perhaps just going for a goiter (many thanks Carl L for photo duty). What a great day; blue skies, solid Five/Six and some full-on onshore riding. Perhaps return for evening session at the mouth. Excellent forecast for tomorrow.
Picture below is yours truly - trying out my new 30inch lines and lovely boom. Ohh the joy. Aeron make lovely booms !

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Zoo day.

Just got back from the city, and said goodbye to my lovely RRD Wave Freestyle. Its gone to a good home, and Mark has promised to take good care of the old girl. Of course this wasn't the only reason for travel, it was also the lure of the zoo with two small children. As we ran from enclosure to enclosure, dodging the wind and rain, I managed to blot out the coast for a few small hours. However, through the day the texts were flying and judging by the wave height on our return and strewn branches scattering the road, it was another crazy day. Hoping to see some pictures of the action and wondering, or perhaps praying that it won't be too angry tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Under-powered Howard

Snuck out for a dusk session, and Andy came down to shoot some photos. Sadly I chose the wrong sail and just thought it best to soldier on. I should have been on 5.2 but went for 4.5, as a result, only powered up for 50% of the time. It was a tough call, but as the light faded, I just persisted rather than mess around with changing sails. Superstition would have me believe that because I didn't take advantage of yesterdays conditions, I didn't deserve to get the best of today.

South Westerly

Picture says it all. Its blowing a solid force 5 and I am on daycare duty. The little guys loved watching the waves, although Daddy had his eye on a windsurfer further down the beach. It looks set to blow all night and thanks to BST, I will be sailing from 7pm. Can't wait !
Found out that this was Andy B on his inaugural sail of his new EVO. Despite countless attempts to tempt him with the RRD Wave Cult (which he loved), price won out in the end.

Pinch Punch...

First day of September and it already feels like summer is over. Forecast looks very good for both Wind and swell this week, and I am not sure if we are due even better conditions or perhaps a windless few months. Summer has been 'so good' here, that I am a bit daunted by what Autumn will bring.