Thursday, 19 August 2010


I hate the overuse of the term 'legend'. You always hear people slipping it into conversation as if to somehow thank you for some trivial deed you did. So it gives me great pleasure to lay down the truth about one such guy, who truly warrants the term. Its my wife's uncle Barry, who is always there to help, and has spent a lifetime doing so. After his most recent visit, he looked on in dismay at my meager man-shed and lack of tool bench, and lead a charge of serious productivity. Within 2 days we had built a new work bench from railway sleepers, rebuilt various parts of the ever crumbling and wind strained out buildings, made a serious dent in the garden and a myriad of other tasks. This guy stands tall, despite his 5'6 frame, and my son is able to give him the upgraded title of Great Uncle Barry. Thank you.

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