Monday, 9 August 2010

Less is more

Sea Movies- Stranger than Friction from on Vimeo.

This is dedicated to a very grumpy shaper I know from Porth Towan. He always gripes that after 40 years of shaping, it doesn't matter what board you use or the shape it has. He charges in all conditions as he enters his 6th decade, and only has one board, despite his past shapes being coveted by many collectors. This film is for you !


  1. I love this movie Howard. it inspired me to go thick and wide when I had the "Muscle Fish shaped. Great style!

  2. Hi Steve, great to meet you the other day, and was really interested in sending the old lady up for your painting course. As it happened things didn't quite go to plan with her birthday, but will pass on your details. Some beautiful pictures, and I liked your change of scene with the recent portuguese inspiration.

  3. Nice film mate. Great broadsiding. Nice soundtrack. Hope you are well. I've joined corporate land again and your beach feels so far away now.