Saturday, 28 March 2009

North by North West

Cold and bright - Should've Could've Would've . Instead I Sailed overpowered on my 5.2 but really should have been on the 4.5. It was a real soul session as I was only one out at the sign of first light. Waves were great and super crisp and clean, but its never quite the same not sharing with a friend. Still getting my confidence with this spot, although it seems almost nurturing. So different from the southern shores of Bigbury bay.

I need to sort out my Loops !

None other than Boards tester - Ian Leonard. Ian is a great sailor to watch ! Not to mention his forward loops looked so easy - you wondered why you weren't throwing them on every tack.

Boiling Sea

(click on picture) Its not stopped blowing all week, and the boys have been ripping it up. My body aches so much and I am looking out the window wondering if I want to do it all again. Blue skies and cold peircing North Westerly today. Swell has increased over night and MAgic seawood suggests it could be several meters. More updates to follow.