Monday, 30 August 2010

Going Pro

Well its with some concern that I post my latest session up today. After a truly beautiful summers day and a super fun swell, I still can't relax with the thought that we scored some great conditions over the last 7 days. Instead as I pieced my latest offering together, I realised why I had first got into surf/windsurf photography, and that using a GoPro was for the same reason all those years later. It was so that you could push yourself more and more, and continue to improve as you witnessed your mistakes. But when I sift through what I sailed like yesterday, it felt so safe and boring (albeit back loops and shove-its were on the wrong side of the boom to capture). I tried some new moves, but the real ones like the forward loop didn't really come into my consciousness. Years of repressed thoughts - I am gonna do it this summer...etc etc. So without any further mutterings, the bar has been set and I look forward to breaking some stuff very shortly. Will post up my many mishaps.


  1. Breaking what stuff exactly?

  2. Go for those moves!!!!, learning something new its allways a challenge. Just do it! And keep sharing please. All the best,