Monday, 23 August 2010

Late Arrival

After 15 hours of driving over the weekend to see my sister and her family in Brighton, returning back to North Devon to wind and sun was a real salve. I think I'd almost forgotten that I still love the wind, and on the final hundred or so miles, I really started to get a pangs for the coast. Finally reaching the beach at 5pm, everyone was packing up and I got the usual comments of 'you should have been here earlier'. But not so ! Just by chance, I got the tip off about a favourite wave spot, showing a little promise, and by the time I had rigged it was looking perfect. Colin kindly carried over the new RRD 75 Wave Cult, which was an absolute cracker of a board. Very quick and sat really nice in the water, I can see why it won all the tests. We scored a quick hour, and by the time I was packing up, the others were arriving to score some of there own down the line fun.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that photo. Service indeed !

    Once the tide turned it cleaned up even more !!

    anymore photos please to

    JP FSW 78 2006
    JP RWW 69 2006

    both unmarked and need a good home