Thursday, 3 September 2009

Save a thought

Its not everyday I get to read something so utterly compelling, that makes me think how special each and everyone is. I found this final post on Boards online magazine..and I have little reason to doubt its authenticity
or read below

" I have been a user of this forum now since around 2004-5 sometimes more regular than others. Have always found it an interesting and amusing read though.
For those who know me i have worked in the windsurf industry for way too long, coming on 18 years , but sport has always been such a draw to me, it has been my main focus most of that time.
Anyway, after a couple of years battle with cancer in 2006-7 i have spent the last two years in remission working for Jon Popkiss at Solent then the winter in South Africa before running the new Harry Nass centre in Dahab.
That was up until late June when i got sick again. They found a massive tumor around my liver, growing rapidly. Anyway, after a stint in hospital i am now home where they give me a month or so to survive ,tops.

So why the morbid message, well i just want to share my thoughts about this wonderful sport we all do. It has been the focus of my life since i can remember. If the wind was blowing i would be always checking the trees for hopeful signs. When you do turn up to the beach you are surrounded by friends all enjoying the same thing, and it is totally acceptable to have a half hour chat with someone you have never met before, about sails, fins wind waves etc etc.Anyway, the sport rocks and i dont know a comparison . In latter years i have learnt to kitesurf as well but the egos in that sport are through the roof compared to ours.
So, am signing off now for the last time .
Hope the wind blows favourably for you all in the future.

Simon "

I am still struggling with what I could possibly write to be worthy of his time. Suffice to say his words have moved me quite significantly and I am still reflecting on what he must be going through.

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  1. Unfortunately, it seems that Simon has succumbed to his us all a little perspective.

    Nick, Outer Banks of NC