Friday, 11 September 2009

2010 RRD

The new kit has arrived and a seriously big thank you to Seasprite for hooking me up for 2010. Opening the boards was pretty exciting and Andy B. and I gently opened the boxes to see what the Italians had in store for the new season. On quick glance, the Wave Cult 80 now has flat pads, with shock absorbers introduced into the deck. This seems to be how a lot of boards have gone, and I am pretty excited to see if the 'best UK conditions board' has actually changed. I hope not ! I also got the new Freestyle wave 111 as a light wind option for getting out in even lighter air, but big waves. I have opted to surf on such days during the year, but am hoping for a return to form, and being powered up with a 5m sail when its barely blowing a Force 4.

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