Saturday, 5 September 2009

It was great to catch up with everyone last night and sneak in a post-sail beer. In these dark times where kiters seem to rule the land, it's nice to feel that a brotherhood still exists. Throughout the week various guys have been getting out, and even more importantly inspiring others. As we watched at the point last night, yet more windsurfers seemed to be coming out of the wood work, enjoying all the moves being thrown. So as we enter the windy season, I can honestly say I am psyched to sail with all of you guys, whatever the conditions. Hence my photo of the week has to be Matt G making the most of yesterday's onshore, proving it doesn't have to be down the line to have fun !

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  1. Wow, you really are living the dream. Good for you mate. Seen any good films or read any good books lately? Mesrine was especially good and worth a look. Just don't pay £13 at the cinema though like me. London prices are extortionate and me not getting any expenses. That's Bristol rates on a London job for you I suppose.

    Great Pics. I must get my arse down there sometime. Phew...