Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bear and I got out for first light, and ended up having to shelter in the gorse, as the squalls pushed through. Trapped for about 10 minutes, and thinking how AL must be getting on in LA didn't help, so I ended up scrolling through my emails waiting for the storm to pass.  With great surprise I got an email on a follow up post about Canadian Surfer Pete Devries, from Harry at Sitka surf out in B.C. Vancouver Island takes cold water surfing to a whole new level, and despite its beauty I don't miss the kelp beds or the drift wood tree trunks (AKA dead heads) that can littler the line up. Strangely Harry originally hails from Braunton but has wound up in Vancouver working for a very interesting and growing surf label.

Tricks Of The Trade - Part Two - The Pocket Knife from Sitka on Vimeo.

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