Sunday, 14 October 2012

As a promise to RU today, I agreed I would post up my honest thoughts on my new CC slider 9'4.
Conditions were just about perfect, although carrying such a large board and in volant, it did feel heavy (combined with Hector's mini simmons, under the other arm). Rich explained that for him, boards like this fell in to two categories. Either hyped beyond all recognition, and not quite sure what the fuss was about (usually sold on within a month or so), or just amazing and best intentions to keep for the rest of your life. Despite a wobbly start, the board just powered out through the small waves. Its flatness allowing so much speed and grace in the paddle, and the only way you knew you were flying was by looking at landmarks. The board moved effortlessly, despite its size, and getting to the nose was so easy. Pulling cheater fives, and still sitting in the pocket of a crumbling slack wave was not something I had experienced at the beach before. It just seemed to go and go. Based on today's test flight, and a tandem ride with my 6 year old, we both agreed the board is a keeper.

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