Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Its been the third pre-work session in  a row, and this little swell with strong offshores, has been so good. Finisterre, like some fabled cornish Aunt called to tell me some new woollen goodies were on their way, and they had been enjoying some of the cleanest conditions for a long while. But what I am really delighted by is the Bing 5'8 mini simmons. It has definitely been life/surf changing in terms of its speed and manoeuvre-ability, and I just feel I surf so much better already. It seems to pull power out of waves that I can only attribute to the Gephart fins, and their direct affect on drive. The board was flying today, often making sections before turning back into the foam ball to bounce off and attempt to cut back or even reverse.  


  1. i've been riding a borrowed 5'2 mini sim lately. I've been impressed too!

    Think they are a really good version of the shape, speedy, loose and responsive. Paddles and duckdives really well too

  2. Yes, will be nice to see if Jools runs with a similar shape. Would love to see one in the Gulfstream line up. Think somehow your blog was influential in me buying such a board. Glad I started spending really

  3. Not sure if GS will get one in their line up yet. I keep suggesting it to Skel & Jools but skel doesnt seem impressed with them (dont think he's tried one) and jools was stoked on the shape of my soap but not sure he's motivated/ got time to carve one out as an experiment. I'll keep prodding cos i'm sure they will sell!

    Nice to know someone else agrees with how much fun they are!