Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weston imports

The Super mare crew were out charging, and they put the locals to shame. Thanks Andy for getting some shots, I was just one of the many locals missing another Ho windy day. Please comment if you know who it is - I reckon it could be Matt.


  1. Hi Howard, missed you again, it was indeed Stuart & i (Spencer) out today.(thats me in the pic). Another good day at the Ho!

  2. Hi Howard shame we missed you, Stuart & I (Spencer) were out today, my Goya now has a broken nose now though.

  3. Hello Howard. I greet from Ferrol - Galicia - Spain. Thank you for your commentary in my blog ( I follow you in your blog. Good wind. Roberto.

  4. Old goyas never die...

    That must be true. My (fanatic) goya PM 87 still rips and puts a big smile in my face when it blows.

    kind regards