Friday, 4 December 2009


When winter draws in, the number of sailors seem to dip quite significantly. It's never quite so enticing to get out on the water in the depths of winter. However there are still those who make the effort, perhaps not looping sky high, but always charging whatever the conditions. Its these guys who aren't necessarily the youngest, but perhaps the ones with the greater stamina, and not afraid of the cold. Its these guys that often create a positive atmosphere at a spot, and will always have a smile, offer any help and even the odd mug of tea. So if there was ever a local club purely for windsurfing, and if there was ever a yearly award, this guy would be my choice for windsurfer of the year. Thanks Paul !


  1. I agree 100% with you there!

  2. Let us award all of them as “Windsurfers Of The Year”. Those guys are always nice and helpful and are often the one you first get in contact with visiting a new spot.

  3. By the way you said you found my blog thru Ferrol windsurfer - where on earth did you see it on there cos I can't find it?!

  4. Hi Howard - Just found the pic and many tks for the nomination for [coldest] windsurfer of the year. Aw shux, I done gone and started blushing now [at 61!! honest]
    Hope your shoulders heal soon