Friday, 18 March 2011

Hull 1, Pin Tail 0

Had such a great surf today on the closest thing to a hull I have ever ridden. It just flew down the wave, and felt ridiculously fast. I was just buzzing on the drive back home and haven't really settled since. Andy grimaced and just called it a minimal, but then he did acknowledge it was flying, and I promise you it surfs nothing like a minimal. It has no rails to grip and the fin is so far forward, it almost feels like a keel. I don't think it needs to be catalogued, other than a damn fine surf day, and you can bet i'll be paddling it again in the morning.


  1. Good for you Howard, glad you had a good one!

  2. Thanks Steve, did you get out, and how was it ?
    Also how are you getting on with the muscle fish ?

  3. Sounds like fun. How long is it? Who shaped it?