Friday, 11 March 2011

Back pain

Funny thing about the severe back pain I have been suffering from, is that it all but disappeared for the hour I sailed yesterday. As I was rigging, Nick strolled past and mentioned a physio friend had extolled the virtues of windsurfing and what it can do for your back. It all seemed like a good idea, but the pain I have this morning, leaves me in some doubt.


  1. Maybe the physio was thinking of windsurfing as something that's done on an original windsurfer, teak boom mandatory, on a warm and sunny afternoon....

  2. Howard, if you need someone to take a look at your back. I have a surfer friend over here, who is the bees knees!
    He sorted my surfer/artist abused back out a treat!

  3. Thanks Steve, I am definitely interested. Although I am hoping its on the mend.