Monday, 18 January 2010

The whimper

Today, I have to be straight and tell you that it wasn't my best day. The forecast as usual had me a touch nervous with the thought that the reef would be eating me for breakfast. And on that note, it is without my weetabix that I entered the water, a grave mistake.

In my case, empty stomach means low confidence. I just don't feel strong and my inner lion, feels more like an inner lamb. With that I whimpered as Luke kindly showed me the channel and I made it out back. However each time the set loomed I paddled further out and found myself avoiding the sets rather than chanrging them. No bad thing, as sometimes its best to sit and wait your turn both emotionally as well as physically. Eventually I admitted defeat and waited for a lull in the sets to paddle back in, convinced that a hollow monster was about to chase me down and send me over the falls.

But just as my kind hearted mentors advised 'keep to the right and it will be alright'. I did actually catch something rideable on the way in and of course when I was back on dry land - i REALLY wondered what all the fuss was about.

Thanks guys.

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