Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Solo session.

It was a funny old session as I was the only one out - Paul reckoned he was waiting in for a boiler service, Andy somewhere in central China, and Dan complaining of a sore knee (so acting photog). Very gusty at the start but smallish clean sets pushed through, and pretty 'warm' for Jan.

Despite this and being overly finned (and board for that matter) I only just squeezed my boots into the footstraps, but didn't want to come in to correct. When Dan left shortly after, and the camera firmly put away, I reset the footstraps making it SO much easier to wave ride. The second session felt so much better and really dialled and just as I started to relax, I took a set on the head and a board straight to my nose. Not sure if its broken, but my new Ezzy 5.2 is covered in blood : )

Not quite the christening I had in mind, but a lovely sail considering it was gusting between 17-30 mph (according to XC weather).


  1. Get that 5.2 in soak, blood's hell to shift! (Baldrick, Black Adder III)

    Looked good and well worth the price of ruining your modelling career! :)

  2. Yes, nursing two black eyes and I am hoping the swelling will go down before my interview : )

  3. I do love Easterly anything though - although I reckon NE is a slightly more consistent wind. Massive range between gusts this morning.

  4. Hope your injuries are not too bad! Those waves look really great - nice and playful size.

  5. Yes- feeling much better. Surfing is back on now, and the wind has died so am working through my recovery. Many thanks