Saturday, 16 May 2009

Windy Weekend.

This week has seen such a range of conditions, and I must say I was literally amazed at the cross off conditions at the start of it. However there is nothing like some real anger winds, and today was as about as gnarly as it gets(in summer). Winds were gusting almost to a Force 8, which even for England is a little unusual in mid May. On that note, today was not to be my day, and when I first turned up it was great to see so many guys out charging. By the time I returned, both Tim and Ed were still out and Ed was getting out past some monster sets. Tim true to his Weston roots was laying down the loops in between squalls. I of course will be atoning for my poor performance (being flattened by the squalls and then left floundering when the wind dropped back to a timid Force 4/5), and hope to see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Hi howie - does anyone on the north shore kite surf - if these winds were in perth all the kite surfers would be out - I will get some photo's over the coming months and post for you - although the purists still love the board and sail, the kite surfers seem to look pretty wild too.

    Your summer definately looks like our winter!!