Thursday, 14 May 2009

Trouble at the beach.

I just had to write this down, as it really made me smile tonight. After a rather flat couple of days, the swell has started to build with some medium size sets pushing through. I ran down to the beach to catch some left handers before last light, and it felt great to get out on the Fish. My confidence has really improved in the water, so I had a nice buzz walking home.

As I crossed the road to walk out of the burrows, my smile quickly faded. I noticed some old people looking hassled. A small group of 'yoofs' were sampling the local mead and were being pretty obnoxious. The old timers shuffled past, and it looked like a classic Daily Mail moment - 'Drunken teens torment OAP's.' As the kids rolled on through I could see them making a beeline for me, and I just stared ahead. Expecting the worst and waiting for a tyrade to unfold the kids simply parted and the ring leader clenched his fist, beat his chest and cocked his head toward me. It was both the most ridiculous 'Lord of the Flies' moment' but so very poignant. I tried not to smile, and kept on looking ahead. Suffice to say I didn't repay the mark of respect, but was strangely bemused that at least the kids have respect for something here.

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  1. That's a great tale well told. Nice style in the confrontation and the delivery of the words my friend.