Friday, 8 May 2009

Dawn Patrol

First light and I couldn't wait to sail, absolutely no one down at the Burrows and a squall ripped through gusting over 30 knots. By some strange coincidence my new board arrived in the post (see photo) - hence clearance was granted to sail.

Conditions were perfect and the board felt like an old friend (probably because I used to own its predecessor). The RRD Wave Cult 80 is the perfect Westward board. It handled the onshore really easily and was very precise on jumping. It still felt throw around and albeit a little bit looser on the wave. Thanks RRD for all your support this board really should be the staple in a lot of peoples' quivers.


  1. That looks like a nice board. Nice photograph especially of the empty beach.

  2. What's it like sailing Westward Ho!? Is it anything like Weston? Looks similar albeit cleaner. Is it any different than Saunton?

  3. I thought Westward has some similarities to Weston, but other than its Westerly aspect - not really. Swell on the North coast is massive today, and Westward is no different. Its borderline unsailable, although I am looking out the window right now, wondering whether to go again. This morning was epic, but you need a board that is very much designed for onshore ! On smaller days, it is fine, but then less exciting too, no major rips so its not as bad as some places. Notice the absence of the word 'safe'.