Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Its been pretty inspiring lately seeing so many loops (forwards and backwards), on almost every session over the last few weeks. Dan seems to have somehow got the perfect stall going on, Ian's clear control and precision, the Sauntonians as always high and fast, whilst Tim's are so smooth you forget the complexity. Having had a run of broken boards, and my fair share of bad luck,  I haven't been so hungry for needless impact. That was however until the RRD quads loosened up my sailing. Feeling comfortable is a necessity, and things feel like they are starting to flow again. Of course, endless wind and back to back sailing also helps, but nothing more than a few words spoken by a friend seemed to be the biggest lift. Many thanks today for your momentary pearls of wisdom, they took me just that bit closer to landing/sailing out, as well as putting a big smile back on my face.

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