Sunday, 3 November 2013

Its been a pretty amazing week, endless surf/windsurf and depending on your work/life commitments, you could pick and choose what time/conditions you wanted to get out in.  This shot of Luke (taken by Glyn Brackenbury) gives you some idea of the ferocity of yesterdays condtions, which I reckon was the strongest wind/rain over the past ten days. Luckily both today and yesterday delivered some blue sky moments amidst all the rain, with today's early sunday (wind) worship feeling quite genteel with a WSW force 5/6. Hopefully the next 24 hours will see some respite, and then Tuesday a trip to our hallowed point break to sample the returning strong westerlies.  Massive thanks to Ivan for introducing Roy Riley to the windsurfing fraternity, I am sure Matt and Nick will be forever in debt for Tuesday's shot in the Times. 

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