Sunday, 23 June 2013

Its been an amazing couple of days fully powered and charging around on a 4.5, I even took the quad fin out in what should have been overpowered conditions and it still seemed amazingly responsive. After a drunken pact late last night Matt and I agreed to sail early, as the wind had gone onshore, and family commitments would prevent us from making the trek to our local point break. So even after a great sail yesterday, it was a real surprise when I went out to GS last night for a stroll with the kids.

Family life is definitely rewarding in so many ways, but it has made me forget about all the conditions that make certain places work locally.  As I strolled over the ridge towards the sea, I watched Alex literally bottom/top turn down a wave almost 100 meters long, and flying at faster speeds than I have seen anyone sail there. His attitude to just get out and kite some of these spots is nothing short of inspiring, and after seeing all the familiar faces (including the elusive Neil Randall) I felt a touch sad to have not seen so many of the gang for so long.

It has to be said I love living here all the more after recent travels, as it makes you appreciate what you do have, but sometimes taking a stroll when one of these spots is going off, can just be way too distracting. Suffice to say I'm keeping off the coast path today - Alex Bird officially makes kiting look way too easy and the heir apparent to wind assisted surfing, 

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