Wednesday, 15 May 2013

This Quad fin beauty came through the post yesterday, and I just had to give it a baptism in the north westerly early this a.m..  It felt about as directional as a single fin to point up wind, plane etc. but what amazed me was how it felt on the wave face. These things are incredible to turn, as loose as a twin fin, but somehow felt quicker. I will try and critique in more detail when I get the chance, but in the meantime if you get a chance to try, I totally recommend it.


  1. Do you reckon ?
    I hunted round to see if I could find any bad press, but so far nothing but positive.
    Can you decipher EPS / Full PVC 100 kgs/m3 density- 3 mm top and 5/3 mm bottom/ Innegra /Carbon 175 grms layup deck with PVC double sandwich stringers on bottom , and whether this translates to really tough ?
    How was Bucks on the weekend Andy ?

  2. Negativity Andy!

    Home at the end of the month, lets hope the wind sticks around, if not at least some waves!