Thursday, 7 February 2013

I have been fooling around with blogging now for perhaps a little too long, but viewing images and posts from so many sites, I still manage to stay inspired. Sadly the same cannot be said for Laura,  loosing interest a while back due to the ill words of one person in particular. This person posted anonymously for sometime on her blog and clearly followed it with fervour, yet could never find anything pleasant to say despite their clear (unhealthy) fascination with it. What has transpired over the past 20 or so months was the ability to finally find out who this person was, and finally close the loop as to why. Of course, what actually went on in their brain is their own mystery and something I have no desire to understand. Simply it is enough to say we now know, and can't quite figure out why this person would still continue to seek our friendship.

The image above is taken from pinterest - la vita e bella, and perhaps more purely reflects the good intentions of so many authors and readers in the blogosphere.  Long may this continue !

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