Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just an amazing day, solid both before and after work, and the winds went fully offshore. Bear and I checked home first and caught Jordan out at first light, looking like he was having fun. My session wasn't quite so great, but made up for it this evening. Solid swell and some great rides, up until i lost my GoPro. Totally gutted at loosing this awesome little camera. Its made a massive impact to the perspective of this blog, and I hope to get straight back out there and either find it or perhaps buy yet another !

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  1. A friend of mine lost a really expensive watch whilst body surfing (it was an Omega so you wouldn't expect it to come off his wrist). He swam around for a bit to try and find it. Gave up and swam in. As he was walking out the water his foot hit something. Bent down, picked it up. Found his watch. One in a million but it does happen. Hopefully the GoPro ends up washed up on the beach nearby.