Saturday, 7 January 2012

Losten Stolen or Ripped Off.

Please please please keep your eyes open, for my RRD Wave Freestyle 91 windsurf board. The board disappeared from my truck on my way back from the beach today. I would like to think it bounced out the back, but it was strapped and I am not sure how this could have happened. Sadly I stopped into to see a friend on the corner of Chope road, and on my return it was gone. Kind of gutted, particularly after missing a week of solid wind.


Thanks to everyone who has been in touch. The board was collected by Brian, a kind hearted local resident at Westward Ho! , to whom I am so grateful. His take on the whole scenario was one of karma, and wouldn't accept a reward, in fact it was hard enough to leave a bottle of wine. But not only was it great to get the board back, I got to see his collection of some of the finest vintage californian surfboards, I have ever seen. Thank you.


  1. Bastards! Eyes peeled at Saunton :-{ HdB

  2. Think I saw it beside the side of the burrows road. Left a message on your mobile.


  3. It wasn't beside the either route into the Burrows at 2pm.
    Mat. The only plus is the board would have enjoyed its first air time as it fell out your truck!

  4. Guess you didn't pass your boy scout's knot badge then!!!!
    ;-) HdB

  5. Learnt quite a few things from this whole experience. Laissez faire attitude to boards in the back of my truck is definitely one of them, which incidentally is set to change as I am selling the man-truck !

  6. Only just caught this, Glad u got it back -
    concur with Matt:-))