Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas

and Thank you ! I had the most amazing feeling today, as Laura called me at work to say a rather large parcel had arrived. Out of the blue, a large 'longboard' shaped package was delivered to the house. Tris (from Homeblown) and the gang had decided to send me a rather beautiful hand finished Tris longboard, complete with Blue stringer and high gloss. Whilst it is an incredibly generous gift, it is the thought behind it that caught me off guard, and brings a small tear to my eye. I have always enjoyed my time with Homeblown, but it makes it all the more special, when you feel like someone appreciates your effort. Its been a couple of years since we first got together, and I am so glad to say that they now provide over 80% of surf blanks to the British surf industry. Tris thanks for giving me the opportunity, I am very proud to call you friends.

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