Tuesday, 13 December 2011


It's about this time of year, that I really cherish the shelter of a warm office. Getting a contract through the windy time isn't always ideal, as I seem to often miss the wind during the dark months and short days. Meanwhile for most of the crew here, its business as usual. Filling their boots in true winter style, and charging through mast high sets, seemingly a daily occurrence. Each night I return home, I skim through the emails to see what I missed, and just hope the wind stays till my next day off. However what I really struggle with, is listening to the lashing wind and driving rain. Somehow it seems to be calling me, telling me what I am missing. Last night was not really any different from the last couple weeks, but as the wind whipped round the tower, I thought the storm could finally be winning. The house perched high on a cliff , makes you appreciate how exposed the spot really is. Unfortunately giving no shelter or respite from the storm, as it tracks unimpeded off the Atlantic. Wind and rain seem to be able to find their way in to almost any crack and even our latest building project seems to have fallen prey to the torrential rains. If the house hadn't stood for so many centuries, I think the gale which attempted to raise it last night, might have succeeded.

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