Friday, 18 November 2011

Last day of freedom, as the new job will no doubt devour any water time. Alex joined me on a trip up to Woolacoombe to see the boys at Gulfstream, the fabulously camp Uncle Skel (a chance meeting providing diet for his whats hot blog), and finally a long overdue intro with Tom of ' A Board, some wax and a leash'.
What was simply planned as a trip to Woolacoombe, then evolved into a surf at Putts, and then onto Croyde, Saunton and eventually home. For me, despite the slow fat wave of Saunton, it still holds such beauty at the far end of the bay, and had far less people than Puttsborough. Definitely a worthy trade off, when you consider the amount of actual waves you can catch when the weekend hits.

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  1. Nice to finally meet you too Howard. Glad you got some waves afterwards.