Tuesday, 18 October 2011

9am straight after the school run seemed a bit like hard work, particularly after a number of work commitments to catch up on. So we left it a little later and sailed just after high tide with wind pretty much onshore. It did veer occasionally to the North West, but it was still fun for a couple hours, and ideal conditions to try some new moves in. Also great to see the Weston crew, who aren't scared to make the most of a little onshore (regards to Spencer and hope the calf muscle injury repairs soon).


  1. Thanks for the well wishes, ive been checking your blog regularly which has,believe it or not help keep me sain for the last 6 weeks, in that i still feel connected to beach & the sailing etc, and cant wait to get back out. regards Spencer

  2. Thats cool, nice to know someone reads it : )
    Hope to see you down here soon !