Sunday, 25 September 2011

This morning's surf was blighted only by the fact that I missed something, really really special last week. The European Fish Fry at Crackington Haven sounded pretty interesting, but I felt it to be more of a connoisseurs event, and for the more discerning surfer who knew what they liked and loved. Besides I felt if I had time to trawl along to events like that, I probably needed to be surfing more. So being windy that day (more to the point), I recollect squeezing in a quick sail, as well as a long list of family duties. So the Fish Fry went by without much notice on my part, and it was sufficient just to catch up reading blogs and seeing the photos. That is until, I discovered the fact I just couldn't cope with. Mysteriously Thom Yorke turned up, and played a rare acoustic set. I still can't quite get over this, but heh according to the NME - it really did happen !!!

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