Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Still the battering continues, super windy with bright blue skies again. The Baxter was fully old school riding his latest purchase; that resembled a tooth pick. Crazy thin, and its interesting to see how much boards have changed in 8 short years.
Still reckoned he would have been flying better on his 70litre, but he seemed happy with his choice. Forecast is going offshore for the end of the week, and the swell holding !!!


  1. The advantages of the skinny trad over new school wave shapes when it's blow hard appear to be speed (ask Scouse), control and comfort.

  2. Yes, you were flying and loved the pointy-ness of that board. Takes me back to 1989 and the Alpha Speed needle.

  3. For a skinny board it was surprisingly easy to sail, and that pointy nose encourages the kiters to keep their distance....

    There's a forlorn looking Alpha Speed Needle in my neighbours garden, but I suspect the lack of rocker would be a challenge for use at the Ho!