Friday, 8 July 2011

Tomorrow is a fairly big deal for me. I agreed a short while ago to raise money for the local pre school, and after much thought I decided to run from Westward to Welcombe (the point in far distance is just beyond halfway). I am not exactly sure how long it is (c. 24-36 miles trail run), or how long it will take, but I have given myself twelve hours of continuous running/hobbling to try to get there. The scenery will be stunning as I have been running a fair bit of this coastline for a while, so am hoping it will be a great excuse to just get out and run. However I have to admit, I can't help but feel 'what on earth I have agreed to do'. The last few days I have been trying to rest, but still couldn't resist the DIY, Surf and even scored a cheeky windsurf in the blue skies and summer breeze this afternoon. So to all of you, who have agreed to sponsor me, thank you so much, its really really appreciated, and should anyone still want to, it would be GREATLY received by a struggling Community School (Just email me and I will give you details). Many thanks.

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