Monday, 11 July 2011

Its always worth doing your own homework, as if you copy others you just don't get the real reward (at least thats what I tell Hector). Of course not following my own advise I lazily asked at the beach, how the forecast was looking. I rarely bother with the forecasts, and just usually wing it, based on the general synopsis from around the LG hut. Also, I have been so preoccupied with running, that swell forecasting has also really slipped from my list of priorities. So, after a chorus of 'its flat', I wrote off the week as a good chance to catch up on all my outstanding work. Early this morning, as I just started to build my list for the week, I clicked on Eyeball and HEH - there is a small swell around, early morning off shores and a very good chance of wind for the end of the week. Not sure if its just mid summer complacency on their part, but come on guys ! Blue skies, off shore and albeit small swell, is ok in my book. If that makes me a kook, so be it. But a happy kook at that : )

Upate - Its flat(nothing till Thursday)

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