Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Take care

For a while now, I have been watching the gradual break up of a metal hull which has littered the nearby beach. Its amazing as the hull changes colour and over each tide it moves and slowly scatters. But with horror i noticed what appeared to be a drive shaft thats now residing under one of the main breaks and alarmingly close to the take off point. The large steel pole was pointing skyward and it looked like an accident waiting to happen. After much pushing and pulling, all I managed to do was push it further down so as to get the point away from anyone in the take off zone. Whether this in time could lead to a potential snag for leashes is anyones guess, so please take care


  1. Although that looks incredibly dangerous, looking at that picture it looks like one of many hazards that the surfer needs to contend with.

  2. The picture is not of the actual piece of metal. But yes you are right this is just one of many hazards here. Be warned !!