Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mini Simmons

Had the great pleasure of testing out a clever little hybrid today. Mike Peat of Atlantic has been testing a mould, designed and built by the talented hands of Randall . Ulitmately the board is a popout complete with moulded fins, which is a little bit of a turnoff. That is, until you get in the water. The float, and speed of the board is just fantastic, and I had so much fun sliding the little board around. It seemed to have so much pop, and felt like the 'surfing on a bar of soap' feeling a lot of people expect from a mini simmons. In short I loved it, but it might have been the fact it was around head high and offshore.


  1. ha! That looks fun , Howard! Now you just need an inflatable one to complete the quiver! I have contacts!!

  2. I have to be honest, I think the premise of only having one board means you have the right board for every time.
    I just love trying new boards though, whether I am improving as a surfer remains to be seen. My smile never seems to be off my face at the moment though, so its a good start.