Thursday, 28 April 2011


Its been a busy few days with a relatively consistent fun wave, depending on where you were looking. As long as you had the right board, chances are you would be scoring a rather premature, perfect summer session. However, after too much excess over Easter, events have finally caught up with me. The last two days, I have been flat on my back, with a brutal virus (man flu). Hoping I am through the worst of it, I couldn't wait to share the completion of my latest project. I would rather call it an homage to the mini simmons, than an attempt at one, but I wanted to take some of the elements from my 8'0 hull and incorporate it into this board. The main aim with this board is just to be fun, I had a Fisher Price 'Adventure People' vibe going through my head, when I designed it, and the graphics were meant to have a raw feel to reflect a lack of maturity. Its still been designed on the computer to ensure some integrity in the hull dynamic, and Badger kindly did the glassing, leaving me with the sanding and graphics. I really enjoyed doing this, but won't consider it complete until someone unbiased rides it : )

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