Friday, 4 February 2011

Out of the groove

More pain, but much fun. Felt so unfit from 4 months of no windsurf. Harness was a bit of a squeeze and looked on as all the other guys seemed pretty dialled. Nice day though and getting out back was never going to be an option for me. Seemed to just go on for miles. Ezzy Wave Panther 2 was perfect on 4.5m, and even managed to huck some back loop hospital airs. Thanks Seasprite.


  1. Must be something in the water Abbotsham way, as the two riders from "Team RRD/Ezzy" were on a back loop mission today. For me, or is that my bank manager, it was a relief to come in without some broken or torn kit for a change! AB

  2. common girls lets get some foward loops going, strike while the iron is hot