Thursday, 10 February 2011

The mighty

It was a little tricky for a dawnie this morning, so I agreed to just take the dog for a walk for 20 mins at first light with the camera. This is what I saw, and the pounding that followed. When I did get in for a paddle later it was chunky but a little too fat, and closing out all over the place. Kind of day that whatever board you rode, it still felt wrong.


  1. Great shot Howard. How is that new camera working out for you? Difficult to tell the difference in quality on the web. That's a mean looking wave and the inclusion of the gnarly rock and potentially doomed surfer give the shot extra drama and scale. Hope he got out OK. Just checking in on your blog again. Looking good.

  2. Thanks John- although I shot this with an old 10D - just to see the difference. Actually there is a massive difference and I really rate the 5D. It takes me back a few years, taking more time, and a lot more technical with my photography. Despite it not being film I really try to limit the number of actuations.