Saturday, 11 December 2010

New direction

The past three months have seen a change for the worst on my personal development, and sadly lacked content from which to blog. I have been bashing away at a troubled project and often left wondering why ? Its been a bit of an uphill struggle but the end is in sight, and with it brings the hope of catching up with friends and family and playing with new toys. New Cameras, lens, and super duper blanks made from Sucrose (lighter, stiffer, and more friendly for our wonderful planet), not to mention the relaunch of the highly sought after Cake Boy - soon to be Seedhouse Shapes or surfboards or perhaps just Seedhouse. I am still trialling logos for him, and will post one up very shortly. Justin's boards were amongst three of the 6 man team that won the National Interclubs, and this secretive surfer still remains a mystery to many. Google free, and free from the chatter of the Interweb, any enquiries for North Devon's nicest and perhaps humblest shaper please email me to get in touch.

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