Thursday, 15 July 2010

South South West

At last some real wind, although trapped behind the camera, till after three. Hmmmmm.


  1. Ha ha - it always gives me a bit of pleasure and a laugh, on a windy day, to come and read your blog knowing you'll have had a ball when I'm sitting here cursing the blowy stuff!

    Hope you had fun...

  2. Missed it again...but its on again tomorrow but more from the West. Nice to watch everyone else tearing it up, really i do mean it.

  3. It's amazing how my enthusiasm for the world's greatest sport just drains away after a full day's school,rain,after school stuff til 6.00pm, rain and a trip back home in the rain to get the kit!

    The shots look great, very envious but I'll make do with a beer and the T de F highlights!

  4. 2nd shot is a real winner. Would look even better B&W :) but then doesn't everything? Can I use it? I've got 4 thousand words that need some good windsurfing shots.