Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What can you do ?

I have noticed a real lack of reporting in the British media (compared to the US) about this whole debacle. I feel in part so embarrassed that the company drilling carries the name BP, and that its spokesman is so clearly British. However, whilst the disaster continues to spread and my heart goes out to all those affected, it is hard not to question why a government would sanction such deep sea drilling. Not to mention we the consumers of oil who use it so abundantly in our everyday lives. Whilst the nay-sayers question whether global warming is really happening, surely no one can dispute the fact that burning and consuming oil, is ultimately a bad idea. We need to break our dependence with immediate affect, its just a question of how, and when you look at the net effect of drilling and all its risk, perhaps Petrol (despite it being 4x higher than the cost in the US) is still too damn cheap. The true cost is shown in the video below (thanks sea layer for the Youtube Link), which no economic model can value.

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