Sunday, 6 June 2010


After two sessions on 7mtr sails, I realise why I don't sail on such big kit. It feels more akin to sailing an Americas cup yacht than wave sailing and is certainly not my ideal type of windsurfing. That said, my arms and shoulders are in total pain, so its kind of nice to feel like you are getting a good workout. Here is the beach today doing its best impression of a wave in mid summer flatness.


  1. You (we all) need to get a few tips from Mark H on 7m² technique, as the last time I saw him out on one he was doing forward loops...

  2. That's very flattering! Forwards lessons anytime - just ask.But having just seen the best in the world performing in front of us Stew and I were in awe. Just catching up on the week's blog and I hate to say it Howard but we met folks from Tarifa who had decided to truck on down to Morocco becoase the wind hadn't yet kicked in. Morocco rocked with 4.2 and 3.5 weather for the last four days we were there.We're already planning the next trip. Moulay partcularly is totally awesome - best break I've ever sailed!