Sunday, 30 May 2010


At last the wind blew and reminded us all that there are other things to life, not just surfing : ). I was a little late down, and caught the tail end of most of the action, although the wind seemed to contine to build. Really just the smallest of waves offering the occassional ramp and great to catch up with Mikey(Weston) and my dear old friend Gripper.


  1. Good to catch up ,its been a while almost as long as the last time I've been sailing !. Couldnt make the pot walloping as I had to shoot off up the link road.

    It was great to sail at the Ho which followed by a session at Somerset jump city today has got me fired up for the next session. Lets hope the wind blows again soon.

  2. What a hoot great to be back on the water after so long and to do so at the Ho as well.
    I had a session today with 3 friends at jump city with a tad more wind than yesterday so much fun.
    Roll on the summer just home the wind is back soon

  3. Yes it was great, but feeling the effects today, and not much wind here.