Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lindsay Lord

Before I spoke with the very talented Tim Mason today, I had no idea of just how important Lindsay Lord was. In short he wrote a book titled the Naval Architecture of Planing hulls, which was treasured by seminal Californian board builder, Bob Simmons.
'Many of the models and diagrams appear similar to Simmons' famous wide tailed Spoons of the early 1950's, emphasizing the increase in lift by incorprating parallel running lines. The shot above is the M2 which featured nose scoop, concave bottom and twin keel fins. The chapter on rudders, illustrates a thick foil that resembles some examples of Bob Simmons' fins, and another on Hull Structure promoting the use of resin laminates, particularly plywood, as an emerging and superior construction technique.

Contemporary reports indicate that others surfers were aware of the book, but (not surprisingly) none could understand it.'

Check out Tim's boards, I really really want to surf a Simmons !

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  1. Hey Howard!,

    Jamie Bott and Neil Randall were surfing a couple of 5'8" Mini Simmons' yesterday.......looked like a whole heap of fun.

    I'm going to get Julian to shape me an 8' one.