Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Highs and Lows

Picked up my new board today from work, and despite the wave only being somewhere between waist and shoulder high, caught some lovely little rides in the fading light. The board as pictured was a general workhorse that Tris also shaped an identical one for himself, so it was with horror when I paddled round an oncoming surfer and our boards collided. Sadly his fin slashed clean through the nose but fortunately as the board was made from Biofoam, I carried on surfing without the threat of any water retension. I think to not end my session was a real bonus, and much easier to assign no blame. In fact, Chris was a real gentleman which made it much easier to smile and chalk it up to experience.
However it just goes to show, that no matter who is to blame, sometimes it's better to turn the other cheek. Otherwise stories like the attached link, could ruin a great sport.

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