Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Panther 2 Review

Its been almost three months since buying the 2010 Ezzy Wave Panther 2, and I feel a little more positive than after my first couple of sails.This isn't so much reflective on the sails but more what happened to me on the water.

On my very first session, I managed to break my nose, as the board connected with me during a routine harness line adjustment. What made it slightly more bearable was that the blood poured in sub zero temps, and my nose was so numb that the pain didn't really hit to later.

Second run with the same sail; then saw me take a massive catapult which would have ripped any normal sail, and leave a significant shoulder depression as my shoulder compressed into the sail. It was actually so hard that I had to stop sailing that day, and it seems to have only settled down in the last couple weeks.

So after this last little bout of wind, I can honestly say the Ezzy 5.2 & 4.5 were amazing. They felt so light yet there was still plenty of power/depower depending on how you rigged. As a result, when I let a friend demo them on the weekend, his rig (Naish Boxxer) felt so heavy and really not at all conducive to early planing, or throw around in the light wind. I don't know how he managed to sail it. So, I guess I have to rate the Ezzy Panther 2 as a solid 9 out of 10. I can't give it 10, because I still have more to learn with regards getting the best out of the sail.

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